EIT Rawmaterials North AB

Kontakta: Theo Odenryd

Aurorum 1C

Tel: 0702804939

Epost: theo.odenryd@eitrawmaterials.eu

Om EIT Rawmaterials North AB

EIT RawMaterials (http://eitrawmaterials.eu), an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, is the largest and strongest consortium in the raw materials sector worldwide. Its vision is a Europe where raw materials are a strength. EIT RawMaterials unites more than 100 partners from industry, research and academia, from more than 20 European countries. They collaborate on finding new, innovative solutions to improving the raw materials sector along the entire value chain – from extraction to processing, to recycling and reuse. EIT RawMaterials partners have more than 700,000 employees and revenue in excess of EUR 200 billion.

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