Product Manager for Patient Apps - Doktor24

den 4 april 2018
den 3 maj 2018
Jacob Stedman

As a Product Manager at Doktor24, you are the CEO of your product. You’re responsible for making sure that your product meet and exceed expectations from both consumers/patients and B2B partners. You own your product’s roadmap and the backlog, making decisions on priorities. You understand what customers need and how to build it, and you're leading agile teams of developers and UXers to make it come alive.

As a Product Manager for Patient Apps, you would be responsible for both Booking24 and Online24. These are two of our core products that define our digiphysical healthcare offering. Online24 is the patient-side of the doctor meeting, allowing the patient to consult a doctor online using chat and video. Booking24 is our booking engine, where patients with one click can access times for partner clinics, saving them hours waiting for the clinic to call them back. In due time, these products might get one PM each, but we would initially expect you to oversee both.

To succeed in this role, you will need:

  • Drive. You’re in the driver’s seat for your product, and if you don’t push, nothing happens. We are out to revolutionise the health care system, so we keep a high pace and talk about releases in terms of days and weeks more often than months and years. You get things done, rather than talk about it.
  • Communications skills. You will need to constantly manage stakeholders, from engineers to customers, but also our doctors, customer service etc. You need to be a great listener, but you also need the presence, communications and negotiations skills to get buy-in for your agenda. You’re fluent in English, and speak and write compellingly. Swedish is a plus, but not necessarily a must-have.
  • Problem-solving skills. You’re analytical and used to structuring and cracking problems, and making data-driven decisions. We believe the Swedish proverb “what is unclearly said is unclearly thought”, so we would expect you to be able to articulate and synthesise insights.
  • Tech knowledge. While you don’t need to have an engineering background, we have found that at least some light programming skills makes it easier for you to work effectively with engineers. If you don’t know the difference between a string and a boolean, your learning curve might be a bit too deep. If you know some SQL, all the better.
  • Experience. You have built unique digital consumer products from scratch, and have led agile, cross-functional teams. You know how to discover what users find valuable, through interviews, surveys, and data analysis, and can translate these findings into delightful, engaging product experiences that keep users coming back. You have experience building features at all points of the funnel: acquisition, engagement, conversion, and retention.
  • Culture and mindset. You are single handedly focused on bringing the new release of your product to market, and build the best possible products for patients and doctors. We would expect you to agree directionally with Ben Horowitz' classic “Good PM / Bad PM” paper.
  • You will also need to like bullet lists.

What do we offer? You will have one of the most important roles at one of the most interesting health tech startups in Scandinavia. We’re unique in the approach we’re taking to bridging the gap between online doctor visits and the existing physical healthcare. We’ve very ambitious growth and internationalisation plans, and your work will bring value to 100,000s of patients soon. Today, a year after starting up, we’re a team of around 20-25 engineers, business people, doctors, UXers and others today (excluding our doctors who meet patients online), with a roughly 50/50 gender mix. We offer competitive compensation and an office right in the middle of Stockholm, filled with fun colleagues. You would report to the Chief Product Officer, who is also Deputy CEO. You would come in at a time where you can really leave your mark on the organisation.